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Be a part of America History
- Raise American Bison -

Own a piece of living American History, raise American Bison.  Star B Ranch produces top quality breeding stock, available for shipment anywhere in the continental United States.

The Bison Industry

Bison is one of the fastest growing industries in agriculture today.  More people are raising bison and selling bison meat.  The industry is based on the demand for healthy, lean, nutritious bison meat.  Bison producers can be found in all 50 states, every Canadian province, and many countries around the world.  Breeding females are currently being kept to build the bison population quickly and, on average, are worth more than bulls.  Prime meat animals are bulls between 18-30 months of age, and are worth at least twice what prime beef demands.  Bison by-products, namely hides and skulls, provide more revenue than traditional livestock operations.

The Nature of Bison

Bison are naturally hearty.  Having thrived on the North American continent for thousands of years, they are adaptable to a wide variety of climates.   Winter storms and summer heat are not problems for this animal.  Bison are not a domestic animal and require special consideration when handling.  Low-pressure, low-stress techniques are required.  Today's bison producers have developed handling systems, corrals, and techniques that make bison handling safe for animal and producer.  Fencing requirements for bison vary and are not as demanding as one might think.  The key to remember is that well-fed, content bison will not roam.

Bison Reproduction

Bison are long-lived animals.  Bison cows generally have their first calf at age three and will deliver a calf every year thereafter.  Most producers plan on a 20 year reproductive life, and some producers have 30 year old cows still delivering healthy calves.  Calves are born later (April - June) than domestic cattle and rarely require human assistance.  Bison have a gestation period of about 280 days and usually produce on 40-50lb. calf.  One bull will service 10-15 cows.

America's Original Red Meat - Bison

Bison is great tasting and falls into the gourmet or specialty meat category.  Research has shown that bison is a highly nutrient dense food because of the proportion of protein, fat, minerals and fatty acids to its caloric value.  Bison is a natural product raised without growth hormones.  Bison is lower in fat, calories and cholesterol than beef, pork or skinless chicken.  Bison can be found n grocery stores, butcher shops and restaurants around the country.   Steaks, roasts, fajitas, burgers and hotdogs are available.  Bison meat is a healthy and delicious alternative with unlimited culinary possibilities.

Bison Operations

There are many segments of the bison industry.   Most producers run cow-calf operations and sell their weaned calves.  There are also producers specializing in breeding stock.  Buying weaned bull calves and finishing to processing is another segment.  Some people raise bison from birth through processing, and then market the meat themselves.  There are hundreds of plants around the country approved for USDA inspection of bison.  Companies exist who buy finished animals and then market the meat.  Bison auctions are located all across the country for selling or buying bison.