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Buffalo Meat is Healthy

Buffalo meat gaining favor
American Bison (Buffalo)

     * Buffalo meat (or bison) are not on the extinction list. According to Mr. Jay Shepard, Director at the Department of Interior in Washington D.C. "Buffalo have not been recorded on the extinction list but the Woods Bison, a relative to the American Bison, is on the preservation list and are on reservations in Canada."
     * Buffalo meat contains less fat, calories and cholesterol than most chicken and fish and less fat than beef. The meat contains shorter fibers making the meat more tender.
     * Buffalo meat is sold commercially throughout the United States and is considered to be the healthiest meat for the millennium.
     * Buffalo meat contains more iron than domestic beef, which accounts for its healthy appearance.
     * Buffalo are given no hormones or special food additives for size enlargement.
      * Protein analysis of the buffalo meat shows that it has an excellent distribution of amino acids, giving it more complete protein than other red meats.
      * Ounce for ounce, buffalo meat has more unsaturated fats than domestic beef.
     * Some people have an allergic reaction to beef. There are no known reactions to buffalo meat.

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* Buffalo meat is now considered to be the best source of protein and good health among body builders. Active people can eat quality meat and not slow down with the fattier content of beef.
     * The USDA and the American Heart Association recommends that for a meat product to be considered low-fat, it must have no more than three grams of fat per ounce as do most cuts of buffalo meat.
      * Consumers get more meat for their money. There is no fat to trim or cook out in buffalo, so there is more edible meat in comparison to other meat products
     * The flavor of buffalo meat is smooth and is not strong or tough. Bison meat is naturally flavorful and tender and many notice a sweeter taste than with beef, which adds to the richness of the meat.
     * The lower content of fat insures that Bison meat will cook faster. Keep all meats away from high heats to prevent from drying or lost of moisture.
     * Buffalo Dogs, the newest love of Bison meat has become one of the fastest selling products. The taste is better than most other lines of hot dogs with a seasoning that is delicious and robust in size.