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6/24/99 -- Los Angeles... Health conscious Southern Californians will now be able to enjoy nutritious, natural hot dogs this summer without worrying about high cholesterol, excessive calories and harmful additives.  This red meat alternative is Star B Ranch Buffalo Dogs, the fastest growing trend in the meat industry that is now available to consumers at Lucky's, Pavilion's, and other specialty supermarkets.

American Bison, or more commonly known as buffalo has all of the characteristics of red meat, plus the benefits of low fat, fewer calories and greatly reduced cholesterol levels.  "Many consumers are unaware that bison or buffalo meat is being sold commercially throughout the United States," notes Ken Childs, manager of the 1,200 acre Star B Ranch.  "Once close to extinction, the now plentiful American Buffalo is becoming a popular agricultural product.  It tastes great and has numerous health benefits."

For example, buffalo meat is nutrient-dense with high levels of protein and B complex vitamins, and it contains more iron than domestic beef, which probably accounts for the healthy appearance of the meat.  Protein analysis of bison shows that it has an excellent distribution of amino acids, giving it more complete protein than other red meat.

With only 31 calories per ounce, buffalo has 25 to 30 percent fewer calories than ordinary beef and 50 percent less cholesterol than chicken or fish.  Nutritional data will vary from cut to cut, but overall buffalo is one of the bet sources of nourishment.

Ounce for ounce, bison has more unsaturated fats than domestic beef.  Since saturated fats raise cholesterol in the blood, consuming more polyunsaturated fats helps to lower LDL cholesterol, which is thought to be responsible for depositing cholesterol in the artery walls.  "Bison is considered to be the heart-healthy red meat," explains Childs.  "Buffalo provides more protein, fewer calories and has much less cholesterol per pound than ordinary beef.  Many consumers are turning to bison as a healthy and nutritious alternative since it is lower in fat content.  Therefore, they can still eat delicious red meat and not experience all the harmful consequences," state Childs.

Star B Ranch Ground Buffalo Meat is a product of the Star B Ranch in Ramona, California located just 45 minutes northeast of San Diego County.  Owned by Bert and Jane Boeckman, noted philanthropists and owners of Galpin Ford, this working ranch is home to one of the largest commercial American Buffalo herds in the country.

Childs says that all Star B Ranch buffalo are raised on a diet of wholesome grasses and natural grains and they receive no artificial supplements or chemical additives.  In the buffalo industry, growth stimulants and hormones are not used or needed, as in today's mass cattle raising.  "None of our buffalo are sent to commercial feedlots for finishing, which means that we have total control over the feeding and care of our animals," says Childs.  "Today, the issue of added preservatives, artificial colors and flavors and drug residues is of concern to many consumers.  However, when they consume our ground buffalo meat, they can be assured of eating a pure and wholesome USDA inspected product."

"At the Star B Ranch we also take great measures to make sure that animals are not interbred," Childs says.  "We maintain four separate herds and conduct extensive DNA testing to make sure that we are effectively pure breeding all our bison.  This is strictly for breeding our animals to ultimately guarantee a healthier future for the buffalo."

For those afflicted with red meat allergies, bison is also good news, because there have been no recorded cases of anyone having allergic reaction to buffalo meat.   And, with growing concern over E-coli, the actual organic processing is very assuring.

"Bison met is completely natural," confirms Sam Albrecht spokesperson for the Denver, Colorado-based National Bison Association.  "It's an ideal choice for individuals who want to eat a healthier diet or for those who must reduce their cholesterol and fat intake.  At the same time, bison is a delicious meat, with a unique, rich flavor.  Many consider bison to be the gourmet meat of the future."

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