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Restaurant Ready Product Description
Star B Ranch brand Buffalo Meats ready for your restaurant needs.

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4:1 buffalo patties        1 lb. Ground Chub        5:1 Buffalo Dogs

Star B Ranch brand buffalo meats  

Key Benefits                                

  • Restaurant Ready for convenience!
  • Low in Fat & Cholesterol, a healthier red meat, for your customers!
  • Unique menu item increases profits.                            

Pricing & additional literature available upon request.

Description Case Wt. Case Description Price per lb.
Bulk Ground

90% Lean

20 lb. 4/5 lb. chubs per case

Call for current pricing

4:1 3:1 2:1 Patties 10 lb. 10 packs per case

cryo vac.

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Buffalo Dogs 20 lb. 10/2 lb. packs per case

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We may require up to a 2 week lead time on some orders.